Monday, July 19, 2010

A Review of Hood Cottage Cheese

I need to tell you how much I love the cottage cheese from Hood Dairy. Usually I am a yogurt kind of girl, my sister was always the one who loved cottage cheese when we were little. Now that I am older though I have a new found love for cottage cheese. My favorite though is the kind with the fruit. I like the kind with the fruit because there is just so much flavor in that one container!

I've been eating a whole lot of Hood Cottage Cheese lately. I go for the Fat Free Cottage Cheese with Pineapple or the Low Fat Cottage Cheese with Pineapple & Cherry. Here is the best thing about the Low Fat and Fat Free kinds of Cottage Cheese from Hood Dairy there is still flavor to the Cottage Cheese. Usually with other brands of Fat Free and Low Fat Cottage Cheese a lot of flavor is gone from the product because the fat is removed. But with Hood the cottage cheese is still creamy and flavorful. 

The other thing I like about the Hood brand is that the curd is just the right size. I'm not Goldilocks or anything but when it comes to cottage cheese I am not a huge fan of large curd cottage cheese. 

Overall, Hood Cottage Cheese is the perfect cottage cheese for me. It is thick, creamy, and full of flavor. 

I challenge you to go out and buy some and try it. Don't forget to use your coupon from Hood.

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