Friday, September 3, 2010

Spend a lot less $$$ on your next Taco Night!

I don't know about you, but my family loves Taco Night. My 19 month-old daughter absolutely loves salsa and dipping chips. My honey likes it because I always try something different so we aren't always having the same food despite the fact that we continue to have Taco Night each week - he's not a fan of the same meals over and over again.

Our 2 favorite brands to use on Taco Night are Chi-Chi's and Old El Paso. If by some strange chance I am out of coupons for these brands when I go shopping for Taco Night I always Google coupons for these brands so that I can make sure I save money. Well imagine my surprise when I found extra Chi-Chi's coupons on their website tonight - these are in addition to the Chi-Chi's coupons found on

The coupons included on the Chi-Chi's website are $1/1 Chi-Chi's Snackers Products, $1/1 Chi-Chi's Fiesta Plates meal and $1/2 Chi-Chi's products. TotallyTarget has reported a clearance on Chi-Chi's chips and tortillas, so the $1/2 Chi-Chi's products coupon will come in handy! This really is fantastic!

You can print Old El Paso coupons out at also!

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