Friday, October 15, 2010

Green Mountain Coffee's FREE Samples

To celebrate Fair Trade Month Green Mountain Coffee started a Fair Trade-Out campaign.  During the month of October, they are encouraging coffee drinkers around the country to “trade-out” their daily cup of conventional coffee for a Fair Trade variety.

I managed to sign up for my FREE sample of Green Mountain Coffee on the first day it was available and I cannot believe how quickly it arrived! I was prepared to wait the usual 4-6 weeks, but it arrived today - about 10 days from when I signed up for the sample.

I was also prepared to receive either a small 4oz. size of coffee or a coupon for a free bag of coffee. I was not prepared for what was in the package when I opened it. Inside was a full 12oz. bag of coffee and a thermal to-go coffee cup! This is incredible!

I have always loved Green Mountain Coffee (my honey actually prints their catalog). It is my go-to coffee every morning - honestly, I do not think that my coffee mug would let any other  coffee in it's presence. My honey and I love the Our Blend - it's strong and smooth and not at all acidic. I also love the flavored coffees that Green Mountain offers. The Golden French Toast is my favorite. It is like eating french toast but without all the guilt!
But I also want to quickly touch on the reason why Green Mountain Coffee is doing this fabulous giveaway. For those of you who are still confused by why we all need to be drinking fair trade coffee, I'm going to do my best to explain a huge socio-economic issue in a couple simple, short sentences - because I am far from an expert on the subject. Fair trade certification offers a guaranteed minimum price to coffee growers with few resources who are often scammed by middlemen and shafted by large corporations. Plus, organic coffee get an additional premium above that minimum price, providing an economic incentive for farmers to move toward sustainable agriculture.

Thank you, Green Mountain Coffee for not only offering these incredible samples but also raising awareness to fair trade practices and why we should all opt for fair trade coffee in our morning cup of Joe!

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