Thursday, November 18, 2010

Join Borders Rewards Plus and get $10 in Borders Bucks

I went back and forth with the idea of bringing this offer to you as I know that many of you might not find it to be a great deal. 

Right now if you "upgrade" your Borders Rewards to the Borders Rewards PLUS you will receive $10 back in Borders Bucks. Upgrading your Borders Rewards to Borders Rewards Plus costs $20, right now you will get $10 back in Borders Bucks to spend between 12/26/10 - 01/01/2011. There extra perks from Borders Rewards Plus are:
  • 40% OFF Hardcover Bestseller Books (list price) In-store
  • 20% OFF Selected Hardcover Books (list price) In-store
  • 10% OFF Most everything else In-store
  • FREE Shipping on all purchases
I have been holding out on upgrading my FREE Borders Rewards to the Rewards PLUS because I knew that there had to be a better deal coming in time for the holidays. It looks like this is the better deal and I must say that I am happy with this because it is much better than the additional 10% off on your purchase that was being offered. All of the perks associated with the PLUS rewards are great, but it is the FREE Shipping that seals the deal for me. I am much more inclined to shop online when I have FREE Shipping offered to me. I can probably make that $20 back in FREE shipping in 3 or 4 orders from

What do you think? Is the $20 you pay for the Rewards PLUS worth it?


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