Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hood® Simply Smart® Milk

I am crazy for facebook not just to keep in touch with my friends, but to find out about new products and incredible deals. And that is just what I found when I jumped onto the Hood® Simply Smart® facebook page.

Using a process called ultra filtration to remove some of the water that makes low fat milk look and taste watery, Hood® has managed to produce an amazing milk that is full in taste and nutrition! This is Hood® Simply Smart®! All the taste, without all the fat. It's the best of both worlds!

Because I jumped on the Hood® Simply Smart® facebook page when I did I was able to obtain a FREE coupon for Hood® Simply Smart® Milk! I drink skim milk but have often complained about the watery taste, so I was very excited to try this product, the fact that I would get to test it for FREE made it that much better!

The Simply Smart® Fat Free Milk has the same full, creamy taste of 2% milk, but without all the fat. This incredible milk also provides 25% more protein and calcium than whole milk, is low in cholesterol and is an excellent source of vitamin D.

I used my free coupon for the Simply Smart® Fat Free Milk and also bought a container of of the Chocolate Fat Free Milk for my 16-month-old daughter to try. The Simply Smart Chocolate Fat Free milk is rich and chocolaty without the watered down taste of skim milk. We both love the new Simply Smart® Milk! More than anything though, I love that I can give my daughter this milk and know that it contains no artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup. Not to mention that it provides 50% more protein than reduced fat chocolate milk, is an excellent source of calcium, is low in cholesterol and is an excellent source of vitamin D.

Hood offers three different varieties for you to try
  • Simply Smart® Fat Free Milk
  • Simply Smart® 1% Lowfat Milk
  • Simply Smart® Chocolate Fat Free Milk
I wholeheartedly recommend this product to all of you. I know that going forward it will be the only milk I buy.

Be sure to check out Hood® Simply Smart® Milk online and also on facebook and twitter too!

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