Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Donate to Breast Cancer Research Without Paying any Money

Donate $1 to breast cancer research, treatment and education by adding the Sutter Home capsule overlay to your profile picture. Just grab a glass of your favorite Sutter Home wine, visit the "Hope Overlay" tab, follow the instructions and voila - you've just helped with breast cancer awareness...$1 at a time.

This is a huge thing that Sutter Home Wines is doing, and as a survivor of Breast Cancer I could not appreciate it more! They have over 58,000 fans on Facebook. If every single fan added this ribbon to their profile photo that is over $58,000 donated to breast cancer research. And if you don't already "like" them on Facebook, go and like them now and change your profile photo for this amazing cause. 

Even more fabulous? You can do it for your photo on Twitter too!

October is my favorite time of year because so many companies do things like this. I am glad that Sutter Home has gotten a head start!

I cannot wait to see how many of you take advantage of this amazing opportunity to "donate" to an amazing cause.

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