Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NEW Major Savings from Organic Valley

Since having my daughter over 20 months ago, I had made a decision to make leaner, cleaner and healthier meals for me and my family. Does this mean that I haven't let my daughter have chocolate or Cinnamon Toast Crunch? No. But I have worked hard to encourage my daughter to love and eat all vegetables and fruits. And guess what? She does! There are days when she asks for a treat after dinner and when I give her a choice between a chocolate chip cookie or a banana and she picks the banana. Those are the nights that I know I have done my job. Or the times when she asks for more steamed peas at dinner or eats an entire bag of steamed green beans.

It was because of this decision to eat leaner, cleaner and healthier that I started searching for ways to do so that fit within my family's budget. I came across Organic Valley products in my local Price Chopper and thought that I would try a couple different products and see if I could notice a difference in the taste and the way that I felt afterwards. Boy was I glad I tried the yogurt, half and half and sour cream because I am now the biggest fan of Organic Valley. Not only were their products yummy, but they were all natural with no fillers and there wasn't one word in the ingredients that I couldn't pronounce! Not to mention the fact that the products were inexpensive as far as organic and all natural food goes. 

Because I had decided that I loved Organic Valley so much, I decided to do my research. I located their website and found printable coupons on their website. I also subscribed to their eNewsletters

I was grateful for these few things alone, but then today I received this big envelope from Organic Valley and I could not for the life of me figure out what I was receiving from them. I opened the envelope to find over $15 worth of coupons inside. There was a accordion fold marketing piece that contained $7.50 worth of just coupons, a kids activity booklet that contained $2 worth of coupons and a giant newsletter type book called Root Stock that contained $6 worth of coupons and recipes inside. Again, I was so incredibly grateful for the coupons, but even more so I was grateful for the information in the newsletter.

I cannot begin to tell you how incredible Organic Valley is. If you are thinking about trying to go organic or just to incorporate more organic products into your diet, please check them out. The Organic Valley website is a plethora of information including telling you exactly what farms your products are coming from - that part of the website is one of my favorites. I encourage all of you to check them out, I promise, you will not be sorry!

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