Sunday, October 10, 2010

NEW Price Chopper Facebook Coupons for 10/10 - 10/16

I know that there are many of you who will look at the Price Chopper Facebook Coupons and think that they are the most useless coupons ever. I used to think this when I would see these coupons, but now I look at coupons like this as an opportunity to do something fun for my family and something nice for someone else.

The coupons this week are:

* Central Market Classics Decadent Dessert 5" Cake for $5
* $5 off a $15 Floral purchase - including balloons

I'm going to use the $5 Cake coupon and make a special dinner for my little family this week and add a Decadent Dessert - something I rarely ever do. Dessert for my daughter generally consists of a cookie or an ice cream sandwich. But Price Chopper has given me the opportunity to take a mundane family meal night and turn it into something special. I'll be leaving on a business trip for four days next week, so this will be a fun way to have a special night with my family before I leave.

With the floral coupon I think I might purchase a bouquet or a plant and give it yo my elderly neighbor. Once again, Price Chopper is giving me the opportunity to do something good and something nice for someone for less money - and I always like that. 

I've learned to look for the hidden opportunities in coupons like this. I have a tendency to make a snap judgment that they are useless until I see the hidden opportunity.

What will you do with these coupons?

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