Thursday, November 11, 2010

5 Easy Ways to Earn Some Extra Money

Many of you have sent me emails asking for hints on the best way to earn a little extra money, and what better time to do this than around the holidays? I have five websites that I work with to earn extra cash or gift cards and all of them are 100% legitimate. 

The most important piece of advice I can give you when it comes to taking surveys is to set up another email address exclusively for the survey sites you sign up for. My reasoning for this is that the more surveys you qualify for the more emails you will receive asking you to participate in surveys. You don't want to clog your regular inbox with all of your survey offers!

I set aside time each night to take a few surveys or will even do one or two on the rare occasion that my daughter takes a nap on the weekend. This might work out great for those of you who are Stay at home Moms looking to earn a little extra cash or if you're retired and have some free time on your hands.

1. Swagbucks - I mention this all the time, but with Swagbucks you can search the web just like you would with Google, only you will randomly win Swagbucks which can be redeemed for things like Amazon Gift Cards. It only takes 450 Swagbucks to get a $5 Gift Card.

2. My Points – This is a great program if you’re wanting to earn points quickly. I get at least 7-10 emails in my inbox each day from them. You have many options for earning points with My Points. You can earn points for Shopping Online as well as for Taking Surveys and reading emails. It only takes 1550 Points to get a $10 Gift Card to retailers such as Bath and Body Works, CVS Pharmacy, Macy’s, Chili’s and more.

3. Toluna Opinions – You can take surveys online and earn $1-$5 per survey. Toluna no longer offers a referral incentive, but they make it so easy to earn money that you really don't need the referral system.

4. Lightspeed Panel is one of my most favorite Survey Sites. You can earn 75-150 points per survey. It only takes 600 points to get a $5 Gift Card so you can quickly earn gift cards with this site. I also frequently get 300 point survey offers so that starts to add up. Make sure you take the screening surveys to get qualified leads.

5. Opinion Outpost – This is a great option for earning Amazon money because once you reach the $5 minimum you don’t have to redeem in $5 increments. 10 points = $1 and if you have 100 points you can redeem for $10! You can also earn money for referring friends and family so that’s a quick way to get points. Combine with Surveys and Swagbucks gift cards and you’ll have enough to get some amazing deals on Amazon.

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