Thursday, November 11, 2010

NEW Thursday Web Coupons from Price Chopper 11/11/10

Price Chopper has released some new Thursday coupons on their website and I have to say while I am always grateful for coupons and will most definitely find a way to use these, they really are less than stellar coupons.

This week's Thursday - Sunday coupons are:
  • Central Markets 16oz Soup or Chili for $1
  • 4-pack Sourdough Bread Bowls from the Bakery $1
  • 12 oz Price Chopper Bag Salad $1
  • 6-pack Price Chopper Flavored Water, $1.49
Like I said, really less than stellar coupons. The best coupon for me is the $1 Central Markets soup and that is only because I work across the street from a Price Chopper that has a soup bar. But what if your Price Chopper, like the store I shop at next to my house, doesn't have a soup bar?

Look for a soup recipe to come that you can use with the Sourdough Bread Bowls. Or maybe I'll give you 2 recipes: one for soup and one for dip!

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