Tuesday, November 9, 2010

FREE T-Shirt on the Bounce Facebook Page at 3pm CST TODAY


And so it starts again - the mad frenzy to get a FREE Bounce t-shirt. By the way, I did get mine and I use if when I run because it is so bright no one can possibly miss me in it!

Starting at 3pm CST/4pm EST get a FREE Bounce Bursts T-Shirt on Facebook (if you haven’t already gotten one). They will go fast and I mean super super fast!  

Right now the message on their Facebook page for this app reads “Boo We're Fresh Out of Bounce T-shirts” until the new giveaway starts.

Here are the instructions for how to get your FREE Bounce t-shirt
1. “Like” Bounce on Facebook
2. Click the “Bursts” tab and scroll down for a form or instructions at 3pm CST/4pm EST. If you don't see the form or instructions right at 3pm CST/4pm EST just refresh until you do.
3. Allow the Application to access your profile (you can always remove the app once you get your FREE shirt)
4. Fill out the form with your mailing address and submit it.


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